February 3, 2007

Since I’ve been looking at my situation objectively, and following the parallels between burnout and depression, I’m wondering whether it’s time to see someone professional to help me work through my problems.

One thing I see coming up in relation to burnout and stress management is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). I’ve done a bit of reading about its use in treating such cases, but I’m loathe to put too much faith in stuff found on the intarweb, so perhaps it’s time to see a clinical psychologist and discuss whether it’s an appropriate treatment for me.

My understanding also is that here in Australia, it’s possible to have the majority of your fees covered by Medicare, provided you are referred to the Psychologist by your GP as part of a mental health treatment plan. I’m considering seeing my GP sometime in the next month if things don’t improve to see whether he’s willing to refer me. If not, I’ll probably see someone privately for an initial consult, and hope that my health fund will pick up part of the tab.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had formal treatment for burnout, whether it’s CBT or otherwise.

Particularly, I want to know what it was like, how effective it is over the short term, and whether over the long term you think you’re “cured”.

Either leave a comment, or drop me a line on if you want to remain anonymous.


2 Responses to “Therapy?”

  1. Do you play any sports? Would you like more difficult work? Are you stuck doing the same, low(ish) level repetative work? Is it almost time to hire someone to do that stuff and start directing them rather than concerning yourself with all the “details”?

    Best of luck…I’m sure this will pass…

  2. K Says:

    Well, I haven’t personally tried CBT for stress, but there’s a study that came out recently that shows that it works: Workplace Stress. You have to be registered with Medscape to read the article, but it’s free to register. And CBT has definitely been demonstrated over and over again to be good for depression…

    Hope you find something that works.

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