Clouds lifting a bit…

February 7, 2007

but it ain’t all sunshine and lollipops yet.


More productive work today!

Yesterday was a write off, even though I tried to salvage the afternoon – my output is still pretty low compared to my previous workload, but at least I seem to be getting back to a place where I feel, if not bad about work, at least ambivalent.

I think the biggest help has been to acknowledge the situation and to be honest with myself. I have a problem, and sitting here berating myself about it doesn’t improve the situation.

So I finished a couple of loose ends for a client.


Overall, I think I’m managing things to an extent where they don’t realise that I am struggling – from the outside, it looks like I’m run off my feet, whilst inside, I’m stuck in the mud. The down side for me is that I’m billing based on my usual output levels, but I’m just not getting the work done in that timeframe.

I think I am almost through the backlog of commitments I have, so perhaps when that’s done with, I can start working on strategies to get my productivity back to an acceptable (and PROFITABLE!) level.

It’s been one week since I came to the realisation that I was burnt out.


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