it’s me again, the burnt out hacker. Although not as burnt out at the moment, I’ve actually had a string of productive weeks recently. I also had a week-long business trip last month which was good because it:

  1. Provided me a rock solid deadline by which some deliverables HAD to be complete
  2. Broke up the monotony of sitting in the same chair every fuckin’ day.
  3. Gave me a reward in that I got to go to a part of the country I’ve never been to before, and catch up with colleagues, family and friends in those parts. Sure I was still working during the day, but it was out of the office, which was a major help.

In general though, I have to say that although I’m getting stuff done, I’m probably one bad week away from burn out and inertia. There are a lot of things about my current work that I’m unhappy with, and as much as I agitate for change, things move too slowly for my liking.

Still, I’m continuing the path I described in my last post in late February… although the early mornings are not so early these days, it’s too cold for that shit now! Staying in bed til 7:30am is far more inviting.

I have taken on some more diverse projects with other clients to spread my load, and give me some variety, which no doubt helps keep me motivated.

In summary, I don’t feel like I’ve defeated this yet, but I think I have gotten to the point where I can manage it and not let it slow me down too much.

It sounds funny to say you can live with burnout, but that seems to be what I’m doing now.