I’m a programmer, I’m 27 and I’m burnt out.

Being that I’m a freelancer, I’m kinda reluctant to, you know, let anyone know who the fuck I really am. I would like to actually be able to book future work.

There’s a healthy dose of irony for you there… can’t face the work I have, but I still want to book more of it.

The first sentence tells you all you really need to know for now.


One Response to “About”

  1. Dean Says:

    Man, I googled “burnt out coder” and found this site… It’s funny, I feel EXACTLY how you do.

    I miss loving coding. I miss being a geek. I can’t even see liking coding anymore due to lackluster jobs and really crappy code. I haven’t done a productive days work in months. Hell, probably a year.

    At work, I have to work with insanely shitty code. Basically, stuff that was translated from Pascal into some crappy version of C with a few C++ constructs thrown in. It’s terrible… functions that are literally 50,000 lines long. A switch statement that I’ve seen has been 20,000 lines long and has so many nested if’s, and loop’s that you can’t read it. It’s depressing, literally.

    I miss the days of writing code and loving it. I used to engulf myself in writing code. If I wasn’t writing code, I was in the book store reading about writing code! My book shelf is full and I couldn’t get enough of it. I’d sneak in working on my own personal projects at work when I wasn’t terribly busy. In all honesty, work has never been fun for me… but my own projects have always been. I can’t even get into those anymore. I can browse the web all day long but I can’t bring myself to write a lick of code unless I’m cornered and forced to. I will procrastinate for hours, days, weeks…

    I’ve tried everything I can think of… Time off, picking up new hobbies (Muay Thai, Window Tinting, Mountain biking, weight lifting). Yeah, I said Window Tinting… I used to tint windows before I became a developer and I got burnt out there too… However, I’m over that now (that was 7 years ago) so I started to do some cars and homes in my own time for a small business.

    What I’ve thought of is getting out of development all together and getting back into window tinting. I can make just as good of a living doing that, but I would be able to get my love back… I’d be able to come home and write code for fun again and do my OWN projects and be happy with good code, well written code and fun code. However, I don’t know if this will help. I don’t know if I will end up shooting myself in the foot. What if I get burnt out on window tinting in 2 – 3 years… It would be a pain in the butt to find another programming job with 2 – 3 year lapse in experience, right?

    I’m trying to find my niche again… It’s been a long time. I miss it… it sounds weird but I miss writing good code.

    It’s good to read that someone else has this problem though… it’s not just me.

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